Compound Bow Reviews and Basics

✪ Compound Bow Reviews and Basics

I often get asked what is the best bow for hunting or what is the best bow for target practice?

To me, this is such an open ended question that it’s near impossible to answer. I respond with well, it depends what you’re looking for. There are two main types of bows. Compound bows and recurve bows. Compound bows use a levering system of cables and pulleys to bend the limbs. In other words, it is much easier to draw back than a recurve bow because the levering system assists you.

We are going to do a review on both types. This article will cover the best compound bows of this year. Below are some of my personal favorites, I included every price range in the table.

Before we start the reviews of the best compound bows and brands, I am going to cover some terms and other things to keep in mind when buying.


Best Compound Bows 2021

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Best Compound Bows for the money 2021 : My Selection

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Where to buy my compound bow?

It is a common misconception that the only way to get a quality product is to go to a pro shop or other sporting good store. This is the furthest thing from the truth. At first I was hesitant to buy a bow online, then I realized the substantial amount of money I saved from buying somewhere like Amazon. Amazon sellers are able to provide quality archery products that one would find at a bow shop, for hundreds of dollars less. They have no overhead and are able to pass the deals on to the consumer. With some help from our compound bow reviews, you’ll be set up and ready to shoot in no time.

What are draw weights?

Some may think this has to do with how much the bow weighs when reading our compound bow comparisons. It actually means how much force it takes to draw back. For example: if a bow has a 50 pound draw weight, it will take 50 pounds of force to draw it back. Most bows are adjustable by 10 pounds. There are many that actually allow you to adjust the weight by 20 pounds or more. These are perfect bows for youth or beginners because they allow you to grow into the bow.

What are draw lengths?

Compound bows are made to draw back a certain length and then stop. Not every person has the same draw length. All it takes is a quick measurement of your arm span and you will know your draw length. You want to shoot the bow from the draw length to get the maximum power that it is capable of. So if a shooter has a 30″ draw bow, he will have to pull it back to 30″.

What are quivers?

By definition a quiver is a container you attach to arrows. Most of the time it is something you attach to the bow and can carry 4-8 arrows. However there are also sling version that allow you to wear it. This is more popular with recurve bows because you can not usually attach one to a recurve bow. They are very necessary if you plan on hunting or even target practicing. I lost my quiver once on a wilderness elk hunt, and let me tell you, nothing is worst or more dangerous then carrying around 6 arrows by hand.

Do I need a sight on my bow?

The simple answer is yes, if you want to have any sort of precision. Most of the bows in our compound bow ratings come with a sight. Bows do not shoot very accurate right out of the box for the most part. If your bow comes with a sight, your half way there! All you have to do now is read our simple guide on how to sight your new bow in. If it does not come with a sight, then choose from our selection of sights here and then follow our how to sight my bow in guide. It is a very simple process and will ensure you always hit your target.

How do I choose the right compound bow for me?

This is a very open ended question. It depends what you are looking to do with your bow. There are 3 different types of bows made for different things. There are target bows, hunting bows, and then combo bows which are made for both hunting and target practice. I recommend most beginners to get a combo bow. These are usually the easiest to use and require the least amount of maintenance. We will be covering mostly hunting and combo bows. However we do have a few reviews on target bows. Once you get a hang of the sport and what you are looking for, then I recommend making the switch to a more expensive product. We’ll be updating the site regularly with up to date compound bow reviews.

What does “package” mean in a product description?

The package means that it comes ready to shoot out of the box. It includes all the accessories needed to start shooting. Generally a package will come with at least a sight and quiver. However, many packages come with much more and are the best deals for beginners. One might ask why don’t all bows come as a package? Well the answer is that more experienced hunters and target shooters like to customize their bow accessories to their specifications. They have their own sights, quivers, and other accessories they would like to put on it. This is why you rarely see package deals with the much higher end bows.

How to choose the right arrow?

Choosing your arrow is a big factor on how your bow is going to shoot and perform. I often get asked how to choose the right arrow. This also one of those very open ended answers. Arrows can either be made out of wood, aluminum, carbon, or fiberglass. You also have to choose the right size and most of the time get the arrow cut to fit your bow. You can read more about it here. Some of the bows in our compound bow reviews even come with arrows.

What are broad heads and how to choose the right broad head?

Broad heads are the tip of the arrow. Choosing the right broad head can greatly increase your shooting experience. Different weighted broad heads effect the speed and distance your arrow will be shot. When hunting, you must choose your broad head more wisely. There are many different types of broad heads. Read our choosing the right broad head guide.

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And now for our review of the best compound bows in 2019…

Best Compound Bow $700+

The PSE Prophecy is the best of the best. It is made for precision and speed. Enough of my opinion, let’s let it talk for itself.

The prophecy is the fastest single cam on the market topping out at 340 fps. Just letting this number speak for itself is a big enough selling point for me, but let’s look at it a little more in depth.

It comes in either 50, 60, and 70 pound draw weight. So if you are just starting out and can’t quite pull the heavier draw weights yet you can still purchase a lower draw weight. And for the more experience archers, the 70 pound draw weight will ensure you hit the 340 fps mark every shot.

It is smooth and accurate and also claims the title for the fastest single cam ever made. Using parallel limb technology and a Planar Flex riser to provide you with a dream shooting experience. This is hands down one of the best bows in our compound bow reviews.

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Best Compound Bow Under $700

The Bear Effect takes the crown on this one. Straight out of the box I had it shooting bulls eyes. No adjusting the sights or tampering with pins. This had me very impressed since.

The Bear Effect might not have the versatility of choosing different draw weights, it has a set weight of 70#, but if you can pull it back you are set and that buck you’ve been scouting all pre season is all yours. It comes standard with an APG combo finish and is ready to go out of the box. It has an adjustable draw length range from 27-31.5″. The fps is also very impressive coming in at a 325 fps.

The Effect also comes with a ton of awesome accessories that most standard bows do not. The box includes a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit, 6 Shooter Arrow Quiver, Release loop, Trophy Ridge Stabilizer & Sling, Peep Sight, and a Trophy ridge Sight Light. All of these accessories on their own could run upwards of $300, if not more.

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Best Compound Bow Under $600

PSE Ready To Shoot Momentum is hands down the best bow under $600. I consider the under $600 range the drop from the very high quality compound bows to the middle tier bows that still perform excellent, but just take some more tweaking and and accessories to perform at the same level as their pricey counterparts. However, this package performs excellent and it feels like shooting a $800+ counterpart.

The Momentum tops out at about 330 fps. The draw length ranges from 26-31″. It is a package deal so it comes with a ries Sight, Whisker Biscuit Rest, Flexxtech 2 Stabilizer, Shadow Quiver, PSE Neoprene Sling, Peep Sight, and Nock Loop. It is equipped with a single cam and enthusiasts are saying it has the potential to become one of the best selling pieces of equipment in 2014.

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Best Compound Bow Under $500

The Martin Archery Lithium Bow is the best compound bow under $500. In my tests I was able to hit 3-4″ groups at 20,30, and 40 yards. This is very impressive for a bow in this price range. It is built with accuracy and precision in mind.

The Lithium has a maximum fps of 335fps which is very impressive regardless of price. The draw length is 31-38″ and comes in either 50, 60, or 70 pound draw weights which gives you a variety to choose from. To summarize its performance in three words it would be lightweight, quiet, and fast. It packs a punch for it’s size and definitely a great bow on a budget.

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Best Compound Bow Under $400

The Martin Eclypse is the best cheap high quality bow on the market. You can set it at 40,50, or 60 pounds and it lets you turn it down another 20 pounds, so you can set it as low as 25 pounds. The lifetime warranty is also a huge plus. The Eclypse fires at 310 fps and lets off at 80%.

For my personal experience the Eclypse is easy to tune, lightweight, and surprisingly fast. I did have a little trouble with the strings stretching, but that’s not a big problem at all. If you are looking for a cheaper product that packs a bunch you can’t go wrong with the Eclypse.

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Best Youth Compound Bow

The Best Youth Compound Bow award goes to the Genesis Pro . I bought my son one of these on his fifth birthday. He had always been curious about archery and loved going hunting with me. So for Christmas my wife and I got him a camo Genesis. Needless to say, it was his favorite present and he didn’t put the thing down for weeks. He was hitting the target in the first 5 shots. With a little sight adjustment, he was hitting the target nearly every time and forming nice 4″ groups that never missed the target.

It’s the perfect bow for youth because it has zero let off and has an adjustable draw weight of 15-25 pounds. The draw length covers all draw lengths meaning even adults can shoot it. This makes it perfect because parents or supervisors can set the set sights with ease by shooting it themselves and making adjustments that way instead of adjusting the sites based off the young ones shooting it. Most other youth bows don’t have this option making it a pain to adjust the sights for the child. The Genesis Pro comes equipped with a Genesis Pro Draw Stop Cam that makes it easy to let users customize the bow to their specific draw lengths making it the best youth compound bow in 2014.

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Best Women’s Compound Bow

My wife wanted to get into archery a couple years back and to be honest it made me the happiest man on earth. Shooting next to the woman I love is the best feeling in the world. One of her anniversary presents was the best women’s compound bow I could find. I got her the Diasmond Infinity Edge by Bowtech. It has an adjustable Draw Weight of 50-70 pounds and unlimited draw length. The unlimited draw length was perfect because I was able to sight it in her for her before I gave it to her. Right off the bat she was shooting 3 inch groups and had a smile from ear to ear. The adjustable draw length makes the bow very versatile allowing you to use it from everything from target practice to bow-fishing. The Diamond is an excellent bow and was able to stand side by side with every product in our compound bow comparisons.

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