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Getting Youth Involved

Getting Youth Involved
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Written by Shawn

If you are anything like me, you want to pass the sport down to your children and friends.  Preserving the sport of archery starts with you.  I have compiled a list of resources to help you get your son/daughter involved in archery.

Archery is often very appealing to youth.  Getting them to participate however, is another thing.

My recommendation

If you want to get your kid involved, I recommend the following things.

  1. Buy them a bow such as the Genesis Pro.  It is very cheap and offers a wide range of draw lengths, which allows young archers to share it.  It is also very safe since the draw weight is so low, a missed shot will not do too much damage.
  2. Involve them in summer camps that offer archery.  Many summer and youth camps have archery programs.  This is a great way for your son or daughter to get involved without having to buy them a bow and target.  I view it as a trial offer.
  3. Find out if their P.E. program at school offers archery.  Many more schools are starting to pick up archery and it is a great way for youth to get involved.  If they do not consider reaching out to your local archery club to see if they would consider funding an archery program at a local school.  Often times these clubs would be more than happy to invest in the future of the sport.
  4. Join an archery club.  Club members are just like you, they want to get their children involved in the sport as well.  If you meet someone you click with, ask them if they would like to get their children involved as well.  It works great for both parties, as your kids can meet new friends this way.
  5. Go to an archery range.  This is another great way to see if the kids like it before you go out and spend more money on equipment.  Most ranges for a small fee, offer unlimited shooting and lender bows.  See if the kids like it, and if they do then make the next step and purchase theme youth compound bow.
  6. Take them hunting with you.  This is what my father did, and is what got me hooked.  By doing this, the aspiring archer can see first hand what the sport is like.  Nothing gets someone’s blood flowing like a 400 class bull approaching the blind.


Well there you have it, my top tips for getting future archers involved.  Make sure to always practice safety and explain the history of the sport to them.  Even if you think they won’t like it, you will be surprised how quickly they can become addicted.

I never would have thought that my daughter would have traded her Barbies for a Genesis Pro.

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