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Bear Attitude Review

Bear Archery - Bow Attitude (RTS Package)
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Written by Shawn

Bear Archery – Bow Attitude (RTS Package) 

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For those looking for an excellent bow at the fraction of the price of some of the higher end bows, then the Bear Attitude is for you.

This is very fast and quiet bow that can take on any big game animal that comes its way.

Whether you are looking to shoot rabbits in your backyard or trophy elk in the Rockies, then the Attitude is for you.

Bear Archery - Bow Attitude

Bear Attitude Bow Specs and Features

  • 310 fps
  • 50, 60, 70 pound draw
  • Total Bow weight is 3.7lbs
  • Quad limbs
  • Single cam
  • 25 to 32 inch draw length
  • 80% let off
  • Package deal available
  • Axle to axle 31”
  • Brace height 7.25”

Bear Archery - Bow Attitude (RTS Package)

Get the Package deal

Bows in this price range thrive with package deals.  It makes the whole process of getting set up and ready to shoot so much easier.  You don’t have to go out and buy all the accessories to get shooting and out in the woods, it comes ready to go for you.

This package deal comes with

  • fiber optic sight
  • whisker biscuit
  • quiver
  • peep sight
  • release loop
  • stabilizer
  • and sling

Unlike some other package deals, all of these accessories are pretty solid.  They are more than enough you need to get out there shooting and ready to start hunting.  They may not be the best accessories, but they will get the job done each and every time.  You really can’t ask for much more.

For those who do not like the stock accessories, do not worry.  You can easily customize this bow to your fittings and choose whichever sights or other addons you would like.  You are not stuck with these settings and you can easily upgrade this bow to your desire.

Smooth shot

As you already know, I love a smooth single cam.  There was a time when i did not like single cams and this was back when they were pretty rough.  However, Bear has impressed me with this bow and have created a very nice and smooth single cam.  This single cam is very powerful and capable of launching arrows at 310 fps.  This speed is more than enough to take down any big game animal.


Consumers love this bow for a few reasons.  The first is the price and what they get for the price.  They love that it is very cheap and still comes as a package deal.  They also like the quality of the accessories and how easy it is to use.

The only thing some people do not like is that the arrow quiver is somewhat flimsy.  However, this can be avoided by getting your own quiver.  The quiver should not be a major buying factor, as it comes free with the bow.



Pros :
Popular choice – Great package deal
Great package deal – Good for beginners and intermediates – Powerful and fast
  Good for beginners and intermediates
Powerful and fast
Cons :


Bear has impressed us yet again with an excellent bow.  This bow is very affordable and I can see the Bear Attitude being around for years to come.  You really can not go wrong with this bow due to the low price and quality of it. I would recommend it to beginner to intermediate bow hunters.

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