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Genesis Pro Review

Genesis Pro Bow Test
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Written by Shawn

Genesis Pro Bow

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It goes without question, that the Genesis Pro is the best youth compound bow.  It has set the standard of youth bows for the last 5 years and continues to lead the industry in this niche.

Genesis Pro Specs

  • 15-20 pound draw weight
  • 15-30″ adjustable draw length
  • 0% let off
  • 35.5″ axle to axle
  • Brace Height 7.5″
  • Composite Split Limb Design

What Makes Genesis The best?

The Genesis Pro is the leader in youth compound bows for many reasons.  It is a very high quality product for the small price you are paying and will last for generations. I had the pleasure of buying this bow for my son for this Genesis Pro review and he loves it so much he tries sleeping with it at night.  This is one of the bows that your son will pass on to his son, and so on.

The 15-20 pound adjustable draw weight makes it the perfect bow for beginners to practice on.  It forces them to create the perfect shooting form and foot position.  At this low of draw weight, the inspiring archer can place emphasis on their form instead of focusing on the strength required to pull the bow back.  It will make it that much easier on them when they start getting into heavier draw weights.

Draw Length

The draw length allows for young archers of every size to enjoy the Genesis.  Lots of times these beginner bows will not have this versatile draw length, making it hard for the archer to enjoy the sport and get hooked on the hobby.

The Genesis Pro does not come with a sight.  However, this is for a good reason.  At this low of draw weights, a sight would not provide much use since most of the shots will be less than 40 yards.  This allows the shooter to utilize the classic point and shoot method.

Pros :
G- Made with youth archers in mind
Leading youth compound bow
Cons :

In Summary

If you’re looking for the best youth compound bow, look no further.  The Genesis Pro is here to stay and has truly revolutionized the youth bow industry.

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