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How To Find The Right Sight For Your Compound Bow

How To Find The Right Sight For Your Compound Bow?
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Written by Shawn

How To Choose The Right Sight For Your Compound Bow

Choosing the right sight for your bow can greatly enhance your shooting experience.

The sight is mounted to the riser of your bow. One could view the sight as the equivalent of a scope to a rifle.

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Different types of sights

There are three different types of sights. There are fixed pin, moveable pin sights, and pendulum sights. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Below, you will find a selection I made for each types of sights.

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I have been archery hunting and target practicing for nearly 40 years now. I think it is fair to say that I know my stuff. I have compiled all my knowledge to share with others and have made a database of compound bow reviews and other archery accessories reviews.

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