Best Pendulum Sight

Best Pendulum Sight
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Chossing a Pendulum Sight

Pendulum sights are designed with the tree stand hunter in mind. The pendulum adjusts for the angle of the shot allowing for the optimum angled shot. The only downside is that they require a knowledge of arrow velocity and angles that many beginning shooters and hunters may not have. They also are not very accurate from a ground shot. However, if your main hunting is done from a tree stand, your best bet is the pendulum sight.

What is a pendulum bow sights?

Pendulum bow sights are those sights which have as particularity the ability to focus on a target even when a gradient is involved thanks to their swing system (pendulum adjustment system) which aligns with gravity to annul height affects or shooting angles which are different from zero. For example; shooting from a tree top or shooting up from a ravine.

In as much as these sights are built for heights, the pendulum system can equally be locked in place in the course of shooting on level ground. They are built with lightweight and long lasting computer numerical control (CNC) machined aluminum. This computerized chip enables the sights to automatically compensate for elevations and distances of up to 35 yards. Due to the dual shooting nature of this bow sight, most professional archers find in it their most cherished properties. This sight technology is exploited by TRUGLO and Keller.


Pendulum Sight Reviews

TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Treestand Bow Sight

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This sight takes away the disadvantage of having to compensate for distances because it automatically compensates up to 35 yards. The pendulum can also be locked in place allowing you to use it on the ground as well with the same accuracy you would receive from a tree stand.

Experienced hunters are familiar with the incredible advantage of shooting from an elevated position. For years, this sight has been the top choice of treestand hunters, due to its unique Pendulum Adjustment System, which aligns with gravity to compensate for high–angled shots. Constructed with lightweight, durable CNC–machined aluminum, these toolless sights can also be locked in place for ground shooting.

Points of differences

Adjustments are easy to make among the advantages that make this particular bow sight such an excellent option for most bowhunters. Customizing elements such as windage, elevation, and yardage, with the use of the available knobs, is a real breeze. For those who like having plenty of freedom when they are out in the field, this particular feature can be seen as an advantage. Also, it must be mentioned that this model caters to both right-handed and left-handed users, which is another great plus.

Key features

Its unique pin gives it the most ideal of precision. Simple setup make it standout for beginners.

Pros :
Very quiet
Automatically compensates for distances of up to 35 yards
Pendulum can be locked in place for ground shooting
Extra-long protected, wrapped fiber.Adjustable for left and right-handed shooters
.019” Pin
Pre-printed yardage tapes included (TG701 only)
1.8” Aperture diameter.Removable adjustable rheostat LED – violet
Cons :
The bracket is not robust


For those who intend to shoot either as professionals or amateurs from elevated positions, this Truglo sight is the ideal choice for you. Before ten shoots, amateurs feel the taste of prowess.

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