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Marshmallow Camo Mini Bow & Mallow

Marshmallow Camo Mini Bow & Mallow Test
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Written by Shawn

Marshmallow Camo Mini Bow & Mallow

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The NEW Camo Marshmallow Mini Bow is just like its brother the Bow and Mallow (we reviewed it here) but half the size.

It’s the perfect way to have a battle indoors. The difference with the Bow and Mallow? Well, with this one, you don’t have to worry about anything getting broken or anyone getting “hurt”.

One comment : it seems like the marshmallows have to be the perfect size and shape to work properly, so fresh & small mallows work better than ones that you have had for a while. You can get some here.

And if you lose a couple marshmallows the dog automatically get a treat. 😉  Great fun for indoors! Other great summer toys for your kids: here.

Pros :
Rapide Fire Action
Shoots over 30 Feet (our best shot went up to 33 feets)
Holds 20 small marshmallows 
Dishwasher safe
Cons :
Seriously? None. So much fun!

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