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Diamond Atomic Review

Diamond Atomic Package Youth Model RH Blue Bow
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Written by Shawn

Diamond Atomic Package Youth Model RH Blue

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When it comes to youth archery, Diamond has been making a name for themselves.  It all started with the Infinite Edge, and now they have released the Diamond Atomic.  This bow goes head to head with all the leaders of youth archery equipment, and is a fraction of the price.

Diamond Atomic Package Youth Model RH Blue Bow

Diamond Atomic Bow Specs

  • Draw Weight 6-29lbs
  • Right Handed Bow
  • Brace Height 6″
  • 12″-24″ Draw Length
  • Weight 2.5lbs
  • Comes in Black and blue, Black and pink or Limb Graphite

Diamond Atomic Package Youth Model RH Blue

Lightweight Design – Built for Youths

We all know that super lightweight bows are the future of archery.  Ever year, the bows on the market get lighter and lighter.  Diamond understands this and decided to take a step in the right direction and make the Atomic as light as possible.

Sure, all archers can benefit from a light bow, but those who benefit the most are youth archers.  The light weight of this bow provides a couple of benefits for young archers.  The first benefit is that they can shoot it for hours on end and work on their shot without having to be weighed down by the heavy weight of some other bows.  This allows them for shoot for as long as they want without getting sore from holding the bow all day.  We all know the classic saying, “Practice makes perfect.”  This could not apply more to youth archery.

The second advantage for a youth archer to have a more lightweight bow is for when they go on hunts.  I know personally that when my son when on his first few hunts, the heavy bow he was using was too much for him to carry after a few hours.  You would be surprised how much of a difference a lighter weight bow makes on the overall trip.  It allows the aspiring archer to focus more on the hunt and less on lugging a bow around.

Highly Adjustable

Diamond understands that when it comes to archery, there is no such thing as a one size fits all.  This couldn’t be more true when it comes to youth archery.  Often times you see youth compound bows sold as one size fits all type of packages and it has a very minimal adjustable draw weight and length.

This makes it tough on the archer to get used to the bow and fit into it properly.  The bow features a 12-24” draw length with a 6-29 lbs adjustable draw weight.   So, one thing to keep in mind with the Atomic is that your young archer will go out of it pretty quickly.  However, if this bow is bought at the right age, it could last them a few years.


Pros :
Perfect for Kids
Very Lightweight
Cons :
Will only last a few years
Kids will quickly outgrow it

My Final Thoughts

This is an excellent compound bow for the aspiring archer.  I would say it is about a step below the Diamond Infinite Edge in terms of draw weight and length.  The two can not compete as their draw length and weight are completely different.  However, if your archer is young enough, this bow is perfect for them.

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