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How to stop weighing yourself down this hunting season

How to stop weighing yourself down this hunting season
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Written by Shawn

Preparing for the hunting season

One of the biggest mistakes hunters will make this season is taking too much into the field with them.  By this I mean that they will over pack and ultimately slow themselves down in the field.  In my opinion, this is a huge mistake and I am firm believer of less is better in the field.

Often times people assume that they need to take ridiculous amounts of things into the field with them when they go hunting.  This could not be further from the truth and we are going to show you some ways to reduce some of the weight this season to have a much better hunting experience.

Ditch the frame pack

Beginner hunters tend to think that a huge frame pack is needed for a day hunt and it will somehow make them a better hunter.  I am not going to lie, I have done this before when I first started hunting because I fell into the hype that more is better.  I thought that if I brought this huge backpack into the field with me, I would somehow gain years of experience, however, this was plain stupid.  I used to bring enough supplies with me on a day hunt to support a family of 5.  This was not necessary and all it did was slow me down and make me louder. I have since switched to a small hydration pack that can carry a few knives.

For me, this is all I need on a day hunt.  It is more than enough room to store a few knives and a map.  Not only does it make me lighter, it also makes me more quiet which is what we ultimately want to be.  I can now sneak up on my game much easier and not have to worry about this huge backpack weighing me down.

I think some people tend to forget that you have to get within 60 yards of your prey, and a huge frame pack makes this near impossible.

Wear running shoes

Some people may call this crazy, but I have found it is a huge advantage. Everyone tends to fall into the trap of wearing boots and I think this slows you down a lot.  It is near impossible to run through the woods with some of these boots people wear, and until you have chased a whitetail through the forest, you have no room to talk.  There has been a few times where I would have not killed my trophy buck if I was not wearing lightweight running shoes.

It gives you a much needed advantage when trying to chase down your prey through the woods and really does make a difference.

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