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How To Be A Better Shot

How To Be A Better Shot
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Written by Shawn

Compound Bow : The Shot!

We spend so much time scouting and looking for the dream buck, sometimes we forget to think about the most important aspect of it all, the shot.  This is what it really comes down to.  You can spend hours in the field looking for a buck, but if you can’t make the shot, it’s all wasted time.  Here are some tips to become a better shot this season.

Use the same broadhead

Everyone has made this mistake before.  You spend the whole off season shooting a different broadhead than you plan to use in your hunt.  You get used to shooting this broadhead, and then come hunting season, you switch broadheads.  This is the number one mistake that we can admit we have done before.

You need to practice with the same broadhead you plan to use come hunting season.  This will allow you to make the perfect adjustments to your bow and be in the best possible situation come hunting season.

When you start making adjustments to your bow based of the way your practice broad heads are shooting, this will cause your hunting broached to fly differently.  I see a lot of people make this mistake and then ask why their bow is shooting different when they are hunting.  This is a very easy mistake to avoid.

Check your arrows

We can all admit that not all arrows are created equally.  In fact, even some of the best arrows for hunting will often times fail.  This can be avoid by shooting the arrows constantly throughout the off season to make sure they are flying well.  Shoot all of your arrows at least once to make sure they are flying right and hitting the target.

Check and Double Check

Often times parts of the bow can become lose during the off season.  Bolts and screws can come undone and cause the bow to shot incorrectly.  Before heading out to the field make sure all the bolts and screws are as tight as possible.  This will save you time out in the field and makes sure that your shot is the best it can be.


This is a given, however, this can make a huge difference.  Shooting your compound bow should be one of your main priorities in the off season.  It seems weird to me that so many people spend so much time in the off season scouting, but rarely practice shooting.  People tend to forget that archery is a skill.  And without practice, one can lose this skill and become a worst shooter then they previously were.

Following these tips will ensure that you have the best hunting season this year.

There are so many other aspects that go into making the perfect hunt, but if you follow these, you will be set.

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