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Bear Apprentice Review

Bear Archery Apprentice 3
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Written by Shawn

Bear Archery Apprentice 3

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Youth archery bows keep getting better and better.  Recently, Bear released the Bear Apprentice which is their flagship youth model.  This bow is a very high quality bow and a force to be reckoned with.  The Apprentice is comparable to other youth models made by Diamond in both price and quality.

Bear Archery-Bear Archery Apprentice 3

Bear Apprentice Bow specs and Features

  • 2.9 pounds
  • 70% let off
  • Axle to Axle 27.5”
  • Draw weight of 15-50 pounds
  • Draw length is 15-27”
  • IBO speed of 265 fps

Built For Youths

This bow really is perfect for the up and coming archer.  The adjustable draw weight means that they will be shooting it for years and honestly could last them the rest of their archery career.  The draw length is also very adjustable making it perfect for your kids to share with each other.

The Price

Generally speaking, this bow is priced very well at $299 and has all the features one could ever ask for.  It is very smooth and honestly does not feel like a youth bow, which is a good thing.  The other nice thing about this bow is that it is camo.  Therefore, your child archer will not feel that they are shooting a sub-par bow.

Pros :
Adjustable draw length and weight Bear’s Best Youth bow Great for experienced Youths
Cons :
No package deal

In summary

I would recommend this bow to anyone who is looking to get their child into archery.  It is priced very well and comes with all of the features that an adult bow would come with.  It is actually quite fast and could be used on some big game animals as well.  The only downside I see to it is that it does not come as a package deal.  However, one could get around this by purchasing the accessories separately.  Since they are youth accessories, they should not cost you too much.

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