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Marshmallow Crossbow

Marshmallow Crossbow
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Written by Shawn

Marshmallow Crossbow Test

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  • This is the coolest of all the marshmallow guns.
  • Easy to assemble. (poor instructions, though) – Very simple to use.
  • Just open it up. Put the marshmallow in. Close it. Lock n Load. And you are ready to fire!

One thing: use fresh and standards marshmallows (not the extra puffed ones) … or else they may get stuck in the gun.

Also, it uses large marshmallow. Not small marshmallows.

Other trick: Squeeze the marshmallow a bit so that the chamber won’t get too gummy after a few shots.

Pros :
Shoot marshmallow up to 30 feets
Easy Single Shot loading
Cons :
Marshmallow may get stuck in the gun

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