How To Choose The Right Broadhead


Broadheads can either make or break you. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, broadheads are the tip of the arrow.


 Types of boradheads

There are 3 types of broadheads.

  • Fixed Blades – These are considered the traditional broadhead of archery.
  • Removable Blades – This is a great broadhead for hunting. If the blades are damaged they can be easily replaced instead of having to replace the whole thing.
  • Mechanical or Expandable blades – These are the up and coming broadheads in the archery world and for good reason. The blade is retracted all the way back until the shot is made, where the blade opens upon impact. I would only use these with a draw weight of 50 pounds or more because of the power needed for it to upon on impact.


 My Choice

My Top Boardhead

Name/Image Learn MoreBrandRatingProsConsPrice
Fixed Blades

Fixed Blades

CHECK IT OUTFULL REVIEW Aiskaer5 Star Average Rating 3 blade 125 grain designed for croosbow or compound bow - Aluminum body with diamond cut stainless steel blades - A heavy duty 3-blade design for strength and accuracy - Remarkable precision and piercing power$17
Removable Blades

Removable Blades

CHECK IT OUTFULL REVIEW Allen Company5 Star Average Rating 1-1/4" cutting diameter, 2" of combined cutting surface - Razor sharp removable bleeder blades - Molten metal technology for maximum performance - 100 grain each$30
Mechanical or Expandable Blades

Mechanical or Expandable Blades

CHECK IT OUTFULL REVIEW Grim Reaper Broadheads5 Star Average Rating Razortip Broadhead - 3 Blade - 100 Grain Braodhead$36


 Variety of weights and sizes

Broadheads come in a variety of weights and sizes. A general rule of thumb is 100gr broadheads for light weight aluminum and carbon arrows. Make the bump up to 125 for heavy aluminum arrows.

You must keep in mind that your arrow is going to shoot different with your practice tips compared to your actual hunting broadheads.

I recommend setting aside 3 arrows with the same broadhead you plan on using come hunting day. Sight your bow in with these three arrows, that way the other broadheads don’t get worn down for target shooting.