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PSE Surge Review

PSE Ready To Shoot Surge Bow Package with Right Hand 70# Draw, Break-Up Infinity, 29-Inch
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Written by Shawn

PSE Ready To Shoot Surge Bow Package

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The PSE Surge is an excellent new bow on the market.  It replaced the Brute recently, and for a good reason.  They made the Brute much faster, made it weight less, and added an excellent new single cam.

  • 40 to 70 pound adjustable draw
  • Axle to Axle of 32-1/2 inch
  • Brace Height of 7-1/4 inch
  • Draw Range of 19-1/2 to 30 inches
  • 320 FPS
  • 75% Let off
  • Fully Ready To Shoot
  • Single Cam Design
  • Lightweight at

PSE Ready To Shoot Surge Bow Package with Right Hand 70# Draw, Break-Up Infinity, 29-Inch

Package Deal

The Surge is a package deal and is one of the main points in our PSE Surge review.  Not very often are you able to find such a high quality package deal.  Often times these package deals are made up of cheap and bad quality accessories.  However, with the Surge this is not the case. The Surge comes equipped with top of the line accessories that would make any bowhunter happy.  It has a top of the line peep sight, stabilizer, quiver, sling, and nock loop.  All of these accessories on their own could be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Smooth and Fast

For the price, this is one of the fastest, yet smooth bows I have ever shot.  When doing my review of the PSE Surge, this was one of the first things I noticed.  It’s not hard to find a lightning fast now, finding a lightning fast bow that is smooth is the hard part.  The Surge has all of this, it is fast and smooth which makes it an excellent all around bow.  It shoots at 320 FPS and is still very quiet.  In fact, there are reports of those missing the first shot on a dream buck, and still being able to get off 1 or 2 more shots due to how quiet it is.

What Other Archers Are Saying

Don’t just take my word for it, other archers love the Surge as well.  They love the versatile draw range that let’s the bow grow with you as you adjust shooting draw lengths.  People are comparing it to other bows in the thousand dollar price range, which is unheard of with other bows in this price range.  The only complaint people tend to have is that it is a little tricky to adjust the draw length and weight, but other than that, it fits all their needs.

Pros :
Good price for what you get
Comes with Great Package Deal
Very Quiet yet still Powerful
An excellent bow that comes ready to shoot!
Cons :
Tricky to adjust the draw length and weight

Summary in a few words

The Surge is an excellent bow that comes ready to shoot.  It is equipped with everything you need to go out and hit the field today.  With a little sight adjustment, you will be ready to shoot in no time.

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