Moveable Pin Sight

Best Moveable Pin Sight
Written by Shawn

Moveable Pin Sight

HHA Optimizer Lite Sight – OL-5019 LH


Moveable pin sights are different than fixed pin sights in the fact that you only have one pin compared to multiple pins. They are very accurate but the drawback is that you have to adjust your sight depending how far the shot is. So it is not very ideal for hunters. However they perform great for target shooters. When I do target shoot the best moveable pin sight in my opinion is the HHA Optimizer Lite Sight – OL-5019 LH.

HHA Optimizer Lite Sight - OL-5019 LH

It is by far the most accurate moveable pin sight and provides precision with every shot.

Pros :
Well designed
Totally toolless micro adjust for convenience at the range or in the field
Cons :

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