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Martin Eclypse Bow Review

2016 Martin Archery Carbon Rage Package 17 to 70lbs Compound Bow
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Written by Shawn

Martin Archery Carbon Rage Package 17 to 70lbs Compound Bow

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When it comes to quality, the Martin Eclypse Bow is king.  It packs a punch on a budget, but gets the job done in every situation imaginable.

Martin Eclypse Specs

  • Adjustable weight of 25-60 pounds
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Built with Fury X Cam
  • 25-31″ Draw Length
  • 7″ Brace Height
  • 31″ Axle To Axle
  • 80% let off

The Eclypse does not leave anything on the table.  Built with the Fury X Cam, Martin’s top of the lined patented archery technology, it can go head to head with the best bows on the market.  Many people are calling it the future of archery technology.  The X Cam uses light weight aluminum to provide an accurate shot each and every time, while still allowing for easy adjustments to draw length and weight.

Usability and Warranty

The lifetime warranty is one of my favorite parts about the bow.  It makes me feel a lot safer out in the field.  I have mini heart attacks when I am out hunting and I drop my bow.  That’s why the lifetime warranty is so important.  I know that no matter what happens to my bow, it will be all be good.  This is especially nice for younger hunters who have a higher chance of dropping their bow out in the field or at home.

Draw Weight

The draw weight is extremely adjustable.  Ranging from 25-60 pounds, I have never really seen anything like it.  It makes it the perfect bow for a young archer to grow into.  I personally have a few friends who run archery camps, and they swear by the Martin Eclypse.  The adjustable draw weight makes it the perfect bow for a beginner and a seasoned archer.

2016 Martin Archery Carbon Rage Package 17 to 70lbs Compound Bow

Pros :
25-60 Pound Draw Weight
Built With Fury X Cam
Lifetime Warranty
Cons :

My Final Thoughts

Although this bow would be fantastic for beginners, the price tag suggests that it would be better suited to someone with a bit more experience. It all Just depends on your budget.

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