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Marshmallow Bow & Mallow

Marshmallow Bow and mallow Test
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Written by Shawn

Marshmallow Bow and mallow Test

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If you are looking for a safe but also extremely fun bow activity with your kids, the Bow and Mallow is just perfect!

We had SOOOO much fun with the kids with that one. We highly recommend it! A great way to get youth involved with bows! (and adults, too ;-))

Very simple to assemble. It took us less than 5 minutes.

Be sure to load the magazine to full capacity. Squeezing the amo make sure that you drop them more easily and it makes room for a few more! You can put up to 20 marshmallows in the magazine.

Load it up. Pop it in. And shoot!

Once fully assembled, it measures : 34” x 14”



So easy to use and fun to play with!

Pros :
Rapid Fire Action
Shoots over 30 Feet (our best shot went up to 33 feets)
Holds 20 small marshmallows
Dishwasher safe
Cons :
Seriously? None. So much fun!

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