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Bear Cruzer Review

Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH
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Written by Shawn

Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH

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Bear Cruzer Bow Specs

  • Speed (IBO) – 310
  • Weight is 3.6lbs
  • Axle-axel 32″
  • Brace Height 6.5″
  • Let off 75%
  • Comes with a comprehensive package geal
  • Draw Range of 12″-30″
  • Peak Draw 5-70lbs

Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH

The New Industry Standard

It seems that universal fit compound bows are going to be the new hot thing in the archery industry.  This is for a reason, these bows are perfect for anyone of an archery experience to easily adjust a bow to their size and not have to deal with all the tools that some bows require to adjust some simple settings.

In the past, bows designed like this have not necessarily been the best product on the market.  However, Bear Archery plans to change that.  They recently released the Bear Cruzer, which plans to be an industry changer.

This bow can easily be adjusted to any archers size and needs without the use of annoying tools that take up time and are hard to use. As an added bonus, this bow looks amazing. It has a nice, sleek design that is very eye catching.

Extremely Flexible

No, we don’t mean the bow is flexible itself, we mean its options are.  The draw weight on this bow ranges from 5-70 pounds, which means one day it can be your child’s bow and the next day you can take it on a trophy elk hunt.

This is the perfect bow for beginner’s and seasoned archers.  If you are in the market to get your son or daughter a bow that can grow with them, then this is your go to.  Now you can avoid having to buy them a new bow every year when they grow an inch or two and are able to put up with more draw weight.

The draw length is also adjustable from 12-30″.  This is perfect yet again for those who plan to grow into the bow and keep it as they get older.  This is one of the first bows that can truly claim that it will last you a lifetime.

Package Deal

As you probably already know, I am a huge fan of package deals, and the Cruzer does not disappoint.  The Cruzer package comes with Trophy Ridge Sight, arrow rest, stabilizer, peep sight, and a D-loop.  These accessories on their own can add up, and that is why they are perfect for the beginner.  You don’t have to go out and purchase more accessories after you buy the bow, it is ready to go.

Pros :
Great for beginners
Highly Flexable
PComes with a Package Deal
Very Adjustable size – Quiet
Cons :

My Final Words

This is a great buy for all types of archers.  For those who are looking for a very versatile bow that can fit all your needs, this is your go to.  This is one of the few bows that will genuinely last you a lifetime.

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