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How To Choose The Right Arrow

How To Choose The Right Arrow?
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Written by Shawn

Which Arrow should be used and why

Choosing the right arrow is essential in your bow hunting success.  Many make the mistake of choosing a random arrow and pay for it down the road with accuracy and speed.  If you want to get the most precision and speed your compound bow is capable of, it all starts with the arrow.

The Size and length

First off, you want to know what size arrow and what arrow length you need.  Yes, they are different.  Arrow length measures the length of the arrow shaft.  While the arrow size is in regard to the diameter of the shaft.

If an arrow is short, it could cause the arrow to fall of the rest, resulting in harm to yourself or other if fired.  I always recommend beginners to leave at least an inch of room until fully mastering their shooting technique.

I like to measure arrow length by having the shooter pull back the bow with a longer arrow and mark on the arrow about 1″ over the shaft.  This number will be the arrow length you are looking for.

Arrow shafts are usually measured in sizes 250-400.  It is all up to you when it comes to arrow sizes, based on your personal preference and what draw weights you are using.

I also recommend getting your arrows custom cut after you buy the.  Many pro shops will do this for a small fee.  They will also assist you in making sure your bow is fully setup and shooting straight.

Many times you can get arrows in great package deals.  I know for the arrows i buy, I save about 50% by buying 1 or 2 dozen arrows compared to a half dozen.


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