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How to scout this off-season

Pre season is one of the most important parts about your hunt.  Forget the accessories for a minute and think about where and how you are going to hunt.  Often times people overlook this step and end up paying for it when they do not have a successful hunt.  Here are some of the things you need to do this offseason before your hunt.

Know where you are going

This should not even be on the list, but some people actually do not know where they are going to hunt until a few days before.  This is a huge mistake especially if you have never been to that particular spot before and got a feel for the land.  I recommend knowing where you are going to hunt at least a few months before the hunt.  Obviously you will know the general area due to tags and licenses, but you should know more specifically where you want to hunt.  Once you know this, you can move onto step number two.

Do some glassing

Depending on where you are hunting, it may be time to break the binoculars out.  This is the perfect excuse for a weekend get away.  Simply head up to where you plan on hunting and start glassing the mountains for some activity.  Try to do this in as many areas as possible so it will make step three a little bit easier.

Pick a few spots

Once you know the general area you will want to pick a few spots that seem promising. based off of step two. Depending how much time you have, it can be anywhere from a couple of spots to fifty.  It is all up to how many resources you have and how much time you have.  If you are hunting on private land, this step is a lot easier.  You will want to set up some cameras in these areas and see if there is any action going on.


There you have it, one of the quickest and shortest guides for pre season hunting.  Of course there is a lot more that goes into it than that, but you should have the hang of it by now.

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