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PSE Momentum Review

PSE Momentum 26-31-Inch Right Hand Bow System
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Written by Shawn

PSE Momentum 26-31-Inch Right Hand Bow System

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The PSE Momentum is the best deal around.  It offers deadly accuracy and speed on a budget.  If that isn’t enough, then the accessories it comes with in the package deal should change your opinion.  Keep in mind, this was one of the best compound bows we have reviewed so far.

PSE Momentum Specs

  • 330 fps
  • Draw length adjustable from 26-31″
  • 70 pound draw
  • Packages comes with Aries Sight, Whisker Biscuit Rest, Flexxtech 2 Stabilizer, Shadow Quiver, PSE Neoprene Sling, Peep Sight and Nock Loop
  • 4.2 pounds
  • 7″ brace height
  • Axle to Axle distance of 31.5″
  • 75% let off

PSE Momentum 26-31-Inch Right Hand Bow System

PSE Package Deal

I’m always a big advocate for package deals, especially when it comes to beginners.  I know when I was first starting out, all the different sights, and stabilizers, and rests were so confusing to me and I didn’t know what was necessary and what was not.  PSE takes the guesswork out of the equation for you by delivering high end accessories on a budget.

Weighing in at only 4.2 pounds, it is a very lightweight bow that makes it ideal for hunting or target shooting.  It has the stopping power to take down anything that comes its way including big game animals like elk, deer moose, caribou, and every type of bear.

Usability and Features

If you don’t like the classic camo color it also is available in black and skull works.  The PSE Momentum incorporates PSE‘s own AMP cam.  For those unfamiliar with the AMP,  it is a top of the line single cam made with high quality aluminum which allows for six inches of adjustment to the draw length.  This makes it the perfect bow for a younger archer to grow into or even for a seasoned archer who doesn’t need to adjust the draw length.

The cam also incorporates also incorporates reference marks to make adjustments a breeze.  Unlike many other bows in it’s price range, it has a mounting hole that allows a variety of other peep sights to be mounted on the bow without pricey adapters, if for some reason you don’t like the standard peep sight it comes with.

Pros :
Extremley Quiet
No After Shot Vibration
Cons :

My Final Thoughts

The PSE Mometum also preforms extremely well in low light situations.  It also has a light on the sight which makes it easy to hit targets in little to no light.  Most deer hunting is down at dawn or dusk, getting a shot of in these situations with a competitor’s bow is near impossible.

The PSE momentum was a pleasure to shoot.  It was quiet, fast, accurate, and had very little vibration.  I was quickly able to hit 3″ groups after a little sight tweaking.  I would highly recommend to both hunters and target shooters of all levels.

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