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Bear Anarchy HC Review

Bear Archery Anarchy HC Bow 60lb RH A4AN20006R
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Written by Shawn

Bear Archery Anarchy HC Bow 60lb RH

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The Bear Archery Anarchy, or the Anarchy HC is one of the best compound bows made by Bear.  They really treat this bow as their pride and joy.  It is their number one product and they are proud of it for many reasons.  We think this bow is very unique and is changing the industry.

The thing about the Anarchy is that it is not built like other bows.  It has a much more unique design and almost looks like a beginner bow.  However, after firing this bad boy a couple of times you will quickly realize it is nothing close to a beginner bow.  The power and precision this bow offers is overwhelming.

Bear Anarchy Specs and Features

  • IBO Speed of 340 FPS
  • Bow weight is a low 3.8lbs
  • 50, 60, 70 pound draw weight.
  • Axel-Axel length is 35.25″
  • Brace Height is 7.25″
  • Hybrid cam design makes it very unique and forgiving.
  • Let off is 80%
  • Draw length 26.5-31.5”

Bear Archery Anarchy HC Bow 60lb RH A4AN20006R

Lightweight Yet Deadly

I do not need to emphasize enough how awesome a lightweight bow is.  They are hard to come by, at least quality light weight bows are.  They make the experience so much better and really allow for a much better experience.  With a light bow you take a lot of stress off of your body in the field and you can venture much deeper into the woods without being weighed down by a heavy bow.

Not to mention how much easier shooting is.  I can seriously shoot this bow all day without getting sore.  You would be surprised by how much of a difference a few pounds on a bow can make.  You no longer have the excuse of being sore to not practice.

Often times lightweight bows are not nearly as powerful or effective as their heavier counterparts.  However, with the Bear Anarchy this is not true.  This bow is very powerful and will take on any big game that comes its way.

One of the Smoothest on the Market

I am a sucker for smooth drawing bows.  I really enjoy them so much more than a bow with a rough cam system.  This bow has an extremely smooth draw and it makes the draw weight feel a lot less than it really is.  This means you can increase your draw weight and have that much more power out in the field.

Pros :
Very Powerful
Extremely smooth draw
Cons :
 Not For Beginners

To Wrap it all up

This is an excellent bow and is priced pretty well.  This is the featured bow on the Bear product line.  Whatever your archery needs are, this bow has got you covered.

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