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Bear Finesse Review

Bear Archery Finesse RTH 50lb RH Test
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Written by Shawn

Bear Archery Finesse RTH 50lb RH

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Women archer’s know just as well as men that a good compound bow is the foundation for an even better hunt. It can be hard for a lady to find the right bow that suits just right, due to the limited options available to them. However, Bear Archery has a solution for you and its called the Finesse.

Bear Archery Finesse RTH 50lb RH

Bear Finesse Specs

  • Light weight of 3lbs
  • IBO Speed of 285FPS
  • Brace Height of 7″
  • Adjustable Peak Draw of 30-40lbs or 40-50lbs
  • Draw Range of 23″-28″
  • 80% Let off
  • FH1 Cam System

The Finesse was built with the lady archer in mind.  It is a very high performing bow that is priced very well. The bow has an amazingly smooth draw cycle and has a very nice single cam that would impress the most seasoned archer.

This bow has a brace height of 7 inches and an axle to axle height of 28.65 inches. The draw weight is adjustable from 30-50 pounds. This is more than enough room to reach all woman archers. The draw length is 23-28 inches which is the perfect draw length for a bow like this. It shoots at 285 fps which is pretty fast considering the draw weight. It comes in at a mere 3 pounds. The let off is 80%, which is the industry standard.

Pros :
Best bow for Women
Reduced Recoil
Cons :
Not for beginners

My Final Thoughts

I recommend this bow to any lady archer who is ready to take her game to the next level. For the features it comes with, it is very affordable. You just can’t go wrong with it.

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