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Diamond Infinite Edge

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow Package
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Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow Package

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I tried getting my wife into archery for years, I bought her a couple of women’s compound bows, but they were just not good quality plain and simple.  Recently I bought her the Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge and it was a complete game changer.  The Infinite Edge dominates the market when it comes to women and beginner compound bows.  The versatility of these bows are amazing, with extremely adjustable draw weights and lengths, they make the perfect bow for all her archery needs.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Bow Package

Diamond Infinite Edge Bow Specs

  • 13-30″ draw length
  • 5-70 pound draw weight
  • 310 fps
  • 3.1 pounds
  • Package deal
  • Different Color Schemes Available

Usability and Versatility

Diamond have done a great job marketed this bow towards female archers and beginners. With it’s adjustable draw weights and lengths, the Hulk could take this thing out into the field and kill every big game species out there (without using his fists).  In fact, many training schools are also starting to adopt the Infinite Edge into their programs because of the huge range of versatility.

Shooting and Accuracy

The Infinite Edge shoots just as well as it looks on paper.  It provides a very smooth, quiet, and accurate shot every time it is fired.  I was very impressed with the accuracy as sometimes bows in this price range do not provide the accuracy needed for 50+ yard shots.  I was able to hit 2-3″ groups upwards of 60 yards after tweaking the sights a little.

Pros :
5-70 pound adjustable draw weight
Infinite draw length
Cheap beginner bow
Suitable for Women
Cons :
Shorter Range

My Final Thoughts

This is probably the most versatile bow which can be used for any kind of bow hunting. I recommend this bow to anyone looking for a new bow, backup bow, or to beginners.  The versatility it offers is incredible and unheard of in the archery world

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